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Entfache Dein inneres Feuer für ein erfülltes und lebendiges Leben.


Entfache Dein inneres Feuer für ein erfülltes und lebendiges Leben.

Primal Play Munich

A playful journey into authentic connection.

Primal Play Allgäu

A wild playful, gently exciting and intimate journey into authentic connection

Men Strength Nature Retreat / August 2024

we trust – we feel – we love

Ecstatic Dance Allgäu – Community Sulzbrunn

Dance like everyone is watching.



From the first idea until the last good byes. I will be with you all the way, even on site. Making sure that your retreat or workshop will run as smooth as possible.


You can relax. Everything will be taken care of, so you can fully concentrate on your group. Bookings, locations, correspondence, payments, follow ups – all with a nice personal and highly professional touch.


Benefit from a huge network with countless numbers of potential participants, locations and facilitators. SEO optimised presentations as well as social media marketing. Let’s connect, share and create.










We want to connect people with each other.
Exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and wisdom - creating together and sharing it all again with you.
We want to get together, to inspire and to get inspired, to teach and to learn.
Forming a bond of togetherness, to make a difference while walking on the path of love, planting little seeds of light.

Are you stressed for time or fed up of dealing with all the technicalities of organizing an event?  Would you rather focus your energy on the very things you are inspired to share? Why not entrust your administrative workload to some highly professional hands? Or perhaps you would just like to present your events in a promotionally successful way? Want to know more?

When you lead a retreat or workshop with us, we will provide you with a full “don’t worry, be happy” service.

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We would like to show you a different world.
Inviting you to open your eyes and your heart to different ways.
Ways to live a more relaxed, healthier and perhaps more satisfied lifestyle.
Following a different path to a more conscious and mindful way of dealing with your environment and especially yourself.
To find more happiness within you.

While participating in one of our workshops or retreats, we will provide you with the best possible space and the support, for you to let go, to learn and to grow.

You can expect a relaxed, loving and open atmosphere for you to feel safe, held and well taken care of.  Giving you the opportunity to completely sink in, diving into your own process and unique personal transformation.

It will be all about you. Your experience and your growth.

Nowaday's society teaches us how to be, what we need to be happy and basically what our life should look like. This often leads to a complete disconnection to our true self, to nature and our own personal powers.

Today most of us live a very fast paced life. Work continues to become more and more stressful and somehow, we never have ENOUGH time. Work, family, friends, kids, sports, all of these commitments that we seem to make to others rather than to ourselves – we are always rushing from one appointment to the next, mentally going over our ‘what we SHOULD do lists’.

Our lives are constantly being filled up externally with perpetual stimulation from the outside. Watching TV, Advertisements, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We connect, share and collect.

As a result to constantly doing and not being AND to being disconnected from WHO WE REALLY ARE, WHAT WE REALLY WANT AND WHAT FEELS GOOD TO US…we begin to feel lost, unhappy, missing motivation, lacking inspiration and even getting sick.  You can call it dis-ease.

Neck, back or shoulder pain and a general feeling of anxiety are so common these days that people think this a normal part of life and the numbers of depression and burnout is higher than ever.

We would like to invite you to PAUSE for a moment, take a step away from your fast-paced life and DROP IN instead…..Reconnecting with nature and to yourself.

Allowing the peace, magic and beauty of life to unfold….

Relax and surrender to an environment that will allow you to breathe, to feel, to explore and to let go….

We would like to be your guide on this very intimate journey.

Providing you the safe, loving space for your personal transformation.

Life can change in unbelievable ways once you slow down, even just a little bit. Stepping out of your comfort zone and start to see the world around you. But most importantly though, to see yourself.

Who you truly are

Imagine experiencing yourself and this beautiful world we live in more consciously and with more awareness?

We would like to invite you to be open, curious and explore….Let us guide you on this journey.

Ask yourself

“What is nourishing me?”

Right now and in general.
How does it make me feel?

And this could be anything. No matter what you do.

Is this exact moment nourishing me in any way?

My body, my spirit, my heart, the very core of my being?

“feel and listen”

slow down


Arati, Wilhelm, with your attentive guidance through this seminar week, you have opened a new door to my being. From the first day of the seminar you pushed me into the cold water and trusted me that I would find my way to myself. I was continuously challenged and had to leave my comfort zone. This brought me closer to myself than ever in my life before. The various “exercises” helped me to achieve my inner freedom. You lead us step by step along the way. I realized that I was missing a YES to my life on earth and to my body. In particular, with the transformation breath exercise, I was able to consciously get to a clear YES. The fog has literally transformed into LIFE. I am on a new path and for that, I am deeply grateful to you.

Esther Amrein
Group Participant

“For several years now, I’ve been conducting intensive self-awareness seminars, in which some people have deep processes and breakthroughs.  Arati has been with me on several occasions, holding the space with everything needed. I very much appreciate how mindful Arati deals with men and women alike, affectionate and respectful, he always approaches people with an open heart and I am grateful for his supportive nature. I am looking forward to more …. “

Equiano Intensio
Group leader & Self-Awareness Coach

Arati is an open and kind person, as well as a good friend with whom it is very pleasant und easy to work with. He organized a wonderful group for us and we had a great time together. His fluent communication, his efficient organizational style and his clear feeling for what is needed, make him a professional organizer with a heart. I highly recommend any collaboration with him and I’m already looking forward to next year, with further workshops in Germany.

Raaji & Karam
Group leaders


Most of you know me quite well, and for all the rest – I am sure we gonna change that.
I have a vision – and you are a part of it.


Please contact me if you have any further question. I also would highly appreciate your input. I’m open for suggestions and I always can use some good advise.
Seewiesenweg 3a, 87448 Waltenhofen (Germany)
+49 1577 433 8442

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