Inner Freedom Vitality Seminar / 15.11. – 21.11.2019

A journey back into the flow of life.

 Inner Freedom Vitality Seminar

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

  15. – 21. November 2019

The Inner Freedom Vitality Seminar is for people who want to get their life energy flowing again. Often we have worked so much on ourselves and have taken important steps in our life, but somehow we feel stuck somewhere! And this is exactly where this group is going to support you: to feel your vital life force in the body again, to be lighter and to have more energy for the dreams of your life!

Most importantly, if you have recently taken in a lot of information and developed blockages, this seminar is a great opportunity to free yourself  inwardly from your past, so that you can feel alive “now”!

Moreover, the seminar setting offers you a lot of freedom for your individual self-awareness process and can also be used as a kind of vision quest! All exercises and inspirations are thoughtful coordinated with each other, so that a holistic self-awareness cycle can be experienced as you go through the seminar days.

A content and assured group successfully completed the seminar from the 30. July – 5. August 2019.

A big thanks to all the brave souls who have embarked on this deep journey of self-knowledge. For 5 days we were allowed dive deep, facing our own shadows and look at our blockades. So many beautiful, challenging, true and moving moments on the way to more inner freedom and vitality.

Seminar Structure

0. Day: Arrival*

1. Day: Breathing meditation, midday exercise, transformation exercise

2. Day: Breathing meditation, midday exercise, transformation exercise

3. Day: Breathing exercise, contact with nature, silence and a Day of light**

4. Day: Breathing meditation, midday exercise, transformation exercise

5. Day: Breathing meditation, midday exercise, transformation exercise

6. Day: Closing and departure***


*Arrival: This day if for your relaxed arrival. Please take care of yourself foodvise. We will start the seminar at 6 pm with an introduction.
**Day of light: Without foods and liquids.
***Departure: The seminar ends at 11 am. Please plan your departure after this time.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.
The key essentiel to happiness and the flow of life, is to be satisfied with what you are and have – right now. This inner contentment changes your view of the things in your life, so that energies can flow freely again and your being can rest in peace.unbekannt

What to expect

  • Breathing meditation: Daily guided breathing meditations will connect you more with your body, allowing you to let go of old information which is no longer serving you. Giving you the opportunity to feel your whole being, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically in tune and balanced again.
  • Body movement: Frequently, we will take our time to move our body in different ways -like light yoga, shaking, stretching, dancing or something similar to signal to the body that the new energy is allowed to flow back in.
  • Transformation-exercise: During the seminar, you are free to participate in special exercises that open up your energy system and allow you to enter new areas of your being. As a result, your overall system is more in balance and you can set the tracks to your self-awareness anew!
  • Time for yourself: In addition to the exercises, you will have enough free time each day for you to regenerate, integrate and enjoy nature.
Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.


In this week we will have a mix of light meals and times of not eating at all.

Between the exercises you will have water, tea and vegetable broth at your disposal.

Additionally, on certain days you can juice fresh fruits and vegetables.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.


In general, there is not much preparation needed for the seminar. The seminar days are in itself a closed and round process, regardless of what you have experienced before. At the same time, for most people, transformation begins with the clear intention of attending the seminar. We suggest that you pay attention to your inner guidance and intuitively go through your own kind of preparation. There is no concept, just be willing to meet yourself new again.

If you consider a change in diet or bowel cleansing to be supportive, please follow your impulse. But that is not a requirement and not necessary. The best preparation for the seminar is when you come as relaxed as possible and are internally ready to make a whole new experience. Also, do not think too much about the time after the seminar, who knows what kind of person you will be then!

Four weeks before the seminar there will be a welcome mail addressing the whole group. Thus, we are already virtually connected in advance, carpools can be formed, we let you know what to brig with you and we get to know each other in advance.

The seminar days are just for you, please complete all errands at home and prepare yourself in a way that your loved ones are well taken care of. Who knows when you will have, once again the opportunity to take some time fully for yourself and your well-being.

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

The seminar center is idyllically situated between Haag i.Ob. and Wasserburg at the Inn. Lamplstätt offers a 150 m² vaulted seminar room and a 100 m² dining or conference area. The approximately 35ha large area is surrounded by two streams, which after a while lead into a river. There is also a beautiful natural forest near the seminar center. The breathtaking view of the Alps, a crystal walking trail and several high energy places make this area unique and touching to the heart!

Lamplstätt is very secluded, you can enjoy the clean air, the nice and quiet surrounding and the wonderful illuminated night sky full of stars. The focus of the center lies on consciousness, meditation, health and self-awareness.

Price Inner Freedom Vitality Seminar

1. Deposit to safe your spot 200€
2. Rest balance, one month before the seminar starts 150€

3. Food and board, one month before the seminar starts 300€

(random allocation of rooms in double & shared rooms or in your bus/tent)

TOTAL 650€

Single room +20€ per night

Istallment payments are also possible. Please let us know if we can help.


In case the seminar doesn’t take place, the full deposit will be refunded. If for any reason a participant cannot attend the seminar, the 200 € of the reservation fee will be withheld and the rest will be refunded. However, these 200 € can be used for another seminar. After the seminar no refund can be given.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Our facilitators

For a long time, we have been accompanying people on their path in life and see our dedication in supporting their inner transformation processes with all our experience gained throughout the years. Moreover, do we repeatedly dive into intense self-awareness experiences to consciously keep ourselves fresh and inspired to share our gifts.

We know the range of physical and emotional concerns that can arise in a transformation process. In addition to restore outer comfort, we also offer you the opportunity to discover deeper connections between your body, your mind and your emotions. In doing so, we awake the potential for sustainable well-being.

During the seminar, the seminar leaders will be available at any time – day or night – and will gladly give you the necessary attention to support you in your process.


For many years I unconsciously attended the most interesting lectures as a student of the University of Life. Blocked by beliefs and conditioning, however, I was unable to see life as a teaching tool and was desperate about my adopted way of life. But the rejection for these times gave more and more space towards a great gratitude. Throughout these deep moments, I have sought new ways in life and found among other things, the tool of holistic self-awareness. Thanks to the backpack that life gave me, I was allowed to grow on many challenges and have an infinite number ahead of me. Countless opportunities to expand your awareness, to follow the heart and to accompany others on their journey. Thank you for the indescribable mystical and beautiful gift of life, which I can experience with each new connection in a different way.


In addition to my passion for yoga, dance and meditation, my heart beats for the exhilarant power of cocoa and homemade chocolate. As a trained yoga teacher, I see in yoga, as in life itself, a never-ending journey of healing and self-exploration. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to learn many ways and methods of self-awareness. As an everlasting student, it gives me great pleasure to create together spaces of mindfulness and connectedness, to share my knowledge and to accompany other people on their journey through life.

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