Men’s Strength Nature Seminar / New Dates for 2021

Be the King, Warrior, Magician & Lover of your life.

Men’s Strength Nature Seminar

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

  12. – 18. May 2021  &  18. – 24. August 2021

Holding space & Being vulnerable

At the Men’s Strength Nature Seminar we come together to profoundly meet ourselves, to dispose of superfluous nonsense and to align clearly in love. It won’t be a hard boot camp but we also won’t just play in the sand. Rather, in this seminar where you have the opportunity to take your masculinity in your hands and connect to an inner force that guides and carries you, regardless of what happens outside of you.

Holding space for all that is, connected with your heart and with the necessary sense of humor towards yourself. This seminar is an initiation and you decide at any time how far you want to go. Everything can be, nothing is a must. With all our offers you have the free choice to give a clear YES or a clear NO. No matter how you choose, you are part of the group and you can be with your own unique truth. This seminar combines wild, independent freedom with structured, loving orientation.

If you long to be king in your own life, you are warmly invited to have a look with us into the depth of who we truly are. The real kings of this life are in truth, the real servants of life.

Die Worte eines Mannes, der am vorherigen Seminar teilgenommen hat:

„Mit dem bewussten JA zum Leben, ist seit meiner Rückkehr vom Männerseminar eine Leichtigkeit und Zuversicht eingekehrt, wie ich es wohl noch nie verspürte. Die innere Veränderung zeigt sich auch im Außen, ich bin nämlich immer noch “haarig” unterwegs… und das wird vorerst auch so bleiben! Das Männerseminar war das größte und beste Geschenk, das ich mir selber machen konnte. Nochmals ein herzliches Dankeschön an das gesamte Team!“FRIDOLIN S.

Seminar Structure

It journey will be an absolute adventure trip and we will consciously support you beforehand, by not knowing exactly when something will take place and what we will do. For this seminar, you should not decide rationally, but intuitively – because you will suspect, that it will be the next right and important step for your life! The following clues will give you an idea.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.
You are not only a man; you are a superior man: a man who does his best to live as love in the world and in his intimacy. A man whose heart remains open and whose truths remain strong. Be aware that everything you do in your life ripples outward and affects everyone around you. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds. So, make your life Make your life an ongoing process of who you are, at your deepest most easeful levels of being. Everything other than this is secondary. Your job, your children, your relations, your partner, your money, your success, your artistic creations, your pleasures…they are all superficial if they are not floating in the deep sea of your conscious loving and devotion. David Deida

What you can expect

Nature Life

The entire seminar will take place in the Lamplstätt wilderness camp. You will sleep 6 nights outside in your own tent and rediscover your own healthy wildness day after day. Your subtle natural channels are cleaned by living by the fire and the healing presence of water in the wilderness camp. The wilderness camp is a wonderful place to ground yourself and to regain some clarity within you.

Intense and Special Exercises

Again and again we will invite you to take part in energetic exercises. However, there will be no pressure or peer pressure. It is a way to experience yourself and parts of your being anew. We are convinced that true inner transformation can only happen voluntarily. For this we would like to offer you a protected space to experience yourself in your authentic strength.

Sharing Circles

The direct exchange between men will you a feeling of belonging and connection. Here we meet from heart to heart and without senseless comparisons or evaluations. Every man is unique and has very special and important qualities, which become clear in the exchange with each other. We also integrate the powerful energy exercises so that they reach our heart and remain noticeable in everyday life!

Honoring The Masculine And The Feminine

In these days, we would also like to dedicate ourselves to certain topics in philosophy circles: true masculinity, sacred partnership, male sexuality and more. By honoring our own individual masculinity, we can also honor powerfully the feminine within our hearts. This opens the room to accept our deep wounds in our partnerships and in our behavior towards women and gives us the opportunity to experience healing.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.


There will always be something simple and good to eat.

But above all, being together around the campfire will strengthen and nourish us!

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.


In general, there is not much preparation needed for the seminar. The seminar days are in itself a closed and round process, regardless of what you have experienced before. At the same time, for most people, transformation begins with the clear intention of attending the seminar. We suggest that you pay attention to your inner guidance and intuitively go through your own kind of preparation. There is no concept, just be willing to meet yourself new again.

 The best preparation for the seminar is when you come as relaxed as possible and are internally ready to make a whole new experience. Also, do not think too much about the time after the seminar, who knows what kind of person you will be then!

Four weeks before the seminar there will be a welcome mail addressing the whole group. Thus, we are already virtually connected in advance, carpools can be formed, we let you know what to brig with you and we get to know each other in advance.

The seminar days are just for you, please complete all errands at home and prepare yourself in a way that your loved ones are well taken care of. Who knows when you will have, once again the opportunity to take some time fully for yourself and your well-being.

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

The seminar center is idyllically situated between Haag i.Ob. and Wasserburg at the Inn. Lamplstätt offers a 150 m² vaulted seminar room and a 100 m² dining or conference area. The approximately 35ha large area is surrounded by two streams, which after a while lead into a river. There is also a beautiful natural forest near the seminar center. The breathtaking view of the Alps, a crystal walking trail and several high energy places make this area unique and touching to the heart!

Lamplstätt is very secluded, you can enjoy the clean air, the nice and quiet surrounding and the wonderful illuminated night sky full of stars. The focus of the center lies on consciousness, meditation, health and self-awareness.

Ausgleich Männerkraft Natur Seminar

1. Anzahlung für eine verbindliche Reservierung € 200,-
2. Restzahlung einen Monat vor Seminarbeginn € 590,-
TOTAL € 790,-

Ratenzahlungen sind nach Absprache mit uns möglich.

Wenn ein Vater mit seinem Sohn kommt, zahlt der Sohn nur 590€ gesamt!


Sollte das Seminar ausfallen, wird die komplette Anzahlung zurückerstattet. Sollte ein Teilnehmer durch irgendeinen Grund nicht am Seminar teilnehmen können, werden die 200€ der Reservierungsgebühr einbehalten und der Rest rückerstattet. Diese 200€ können jedoch für ein anderes Seminar angerechnet werden. Nach dem Seminar kann keine Geldrückerstattung erfolgen.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Our facilitators

For a long time, we have been accompanying people on their path in life and see our dedication in supporting their inner transformation processes with all our experience gained throughout the years. Moreover, do we repeatedly dive into intense self-awareness experiences to consciously keep ourselves fresh and inspired to share our gifts.

We know the range of physical and emotional concerns that can arise in a transformation process. In addition to restore outer comfort, we also offer you the opportunity to discover deeper connections between your body, your mind and your emotions. In doing so, we awake the potential for sustainable well-being.

During the seminar, the seminar leaders will be available at any time – day or night – and will gladly give you the necessary attention to support you in your process.


Durch einen nahezu tödlichen Lawinenunfall, anschließender Visionssuche und jahrlanger, intensiver Arbeit an sich selbst hat ihm das Leben klar gezeigt, dass seine künftige Lebensaufgabe in der Arbeit mit heranwachsenden jungen und erwachsenen Männern liegt.

Es ist ihm eine große Freude Männer auf Ihrem Weg wohlwollend zu begleiten und ihnen in Ihre Kraft zu helfen.

Als Wildnis Pädagoge und leidenschaftlicher Bergsteiger ist die Natur sein Raum zum Sein. Sie ist einer seiner größten Lehrer und Ort von Erkenntnis und Heilung.


Neben seiner großen Leidenschaft für Yoga, Tanz und Meditation, schlägt sein Herz ebenso für die belebende und öffnende Kraft des Kakao´s, sowie selbstgemachte Schokoladen. Als Coach für ganzheitliche Selbsterkenntnis und ausgebildeter Yogalehrer, sieht er im Yoga, wie auch im Leben selbst, eine niemals endende Reise der Heilung und Selbsterforschung. Auf seinem bisherigen Lebensweg hatte er das Glück, zahlreiche Wege und Methoden der Selbsterkenntnis zu erfahren. Er versteht sich als ewiger Schüler des Lebens und empfindet eine tiefe Bereicherung darin, gemeinsam Räume der Achtsamkeit und Verbundenheit zu schaffen, sein Wissen zu teilen und andere Menschen auf Ihrem Lebensweg zu begleiten.