Breathe Back To Life is taking care of all administrative and organizational matters for your reatreat or workshop. Making sure that the best possible space will be created for each event.
  • The work around your event is getting a bit too much and you would rather focus your energy completely on your group?

  • Why not entrust your administrative workload to some highly professional hands?

  • Perhaps you would just like to present your events, and offer them on a platform which you feel comfortable with? Where you can reach a large network that is sharing the same values, ideas and visions?

  • You want to create something new, fresh and extraordinary – sharing it together?


Join me and become part of a lively and growing network. Let me help you creating your visions and support you to run your workshop the way you want it to be. A unique experience for everyone! Where you have the time as well as the energy to focus on the things you are  inspired to share?

Let us create a basis of trust and professionalism, which gives us all the opportunity to unfold freely and reach more people together. Supporting each other to create, to grow, to help, and to share.


With Breathe Back To Life, I want to connect people with each other.

I want to combine our energies and talents to create new projects and manifest our individual visions. Building and expanding a lively network to learn from each other, to exchange ideas and to share.

Breathe Back To Life understands itself in this role as an organization and information platform. Is equally supplier but also organizer and service provider.

We are offering a wide range of selected retreats and workshops to help people and support them on their own path of growth and transformation. You will find events with yoga, meditation, dance, music, awareness/personality/breath-work and much more. As you and your life, the portfolio will expand, change and develop in a healthy and natural way.

All workshops & retreats will be accompanied and held by experienced, well-trained and sensitive therapists, teachers and facilitators.

Regardless of which seminar or path you choose, – you are coming first. It’s about you. Your inner being. Your personal path and transformation.

In our groups, you will have the opportunity to pause for a moment, move a step away from your busy life and fully let go. We will provide you with the space to feel safe and held. Giving you the chance to dive deep and arrive completely within yourself. We will be with you all the way and beyond, supporting and accompanying you on your very own path. Encouraging you and showing you new ways to get closer to your inner self.

Bleib immer auf dem Laufenden zu aktuellen Workshops, Retreats und dem Ecstatic Dance.
ja, bitte halte mich auf dem laufenden
nein danke!