Embodied Movement – Dance Workshop / 28.04. – 01.05.2022

Let your body flow, beyond anything you’ve ever known.

Embodied Movement – Dance Workshop

with Frank Lee Döllinger           Aryuvedahof Engel / Allgäu

Donnerstag 28. April – Sonntag 01. Mai 2022

Dance is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. A good dancer lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants. It is about to not intervene and interfere movement that spontaneously arises from the inside and wants to happen. In order to connect to the inborn wisdom of our body we have to learn to let go.

In the Beauty in Movement Dance Workshop, Frank will introduce you to a method which is an approach to allow the mystery of aesthetics to be experienced in one’s own body. In this field of study, the potential of creativity which you can draw from, is simply beyond imagination. It is pure art in motion.

Frank Lee will show you something that lives inside you. A dance and a beauty in movement which is beyond yourself. The exercises that he teaches are interpreted individually. The difficulty level is defined individually. Everyone goes to his own limit and beyond. He will connect you to your source of inborn movement intelligence. He shows you how to shift your attention from thinking to pure body awareness and how to stay there undistractedly.

For this training you need strong focus and braveness, because you will surrender to something higher. If you manage to let go of all concepts, you don’t have to move purposely. Something inside you will move you. If you go beyond exhaustion, you can reach ecstasy and trance. The more you surrender, the more soul, the more aesthetics and beauty will come into every little movement. With your eyes closed, you try to immerse yourself in your innermost, as deeply as possible. This state of mind is one of the most powerful things humans can experience. This is the direct path to immortality in a Taoist sense. This training will change your relation to your body and the way you move forever.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. The booking form will be in German as well.

Don’t judge a movement. Try not to understand what you are doing. Just do a movement fearless exactly how it wants to be done.

What to expect

  • An introduction to deep transformational knowledge of dance, which is rather felt than understood
  • Various movement exercises and a lot of dancing
  • A deeper understanding of different movement techniques
  • Getting to know and evolving out of your movement patterns
  • A free and creative exploration of your own body and you as a dancer
  • Loads of dance & fun
  • Rich ayurvedic cuisine – vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan optional)
  • All food will be organic and/or regional
  • Fresh and revitalized GRANDER spring water
  • Beautiful und cosy accommodations
  • A unique place in a secluded location, surrounded by lush meadows and forests, including a view of the Allgäu mountains
Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. The booking form will be in German as well.

Ayurvedahof Engel - Allgäu

With a breathtaking view of the Oberallgäu mountains, the Ayurvedahof Engel is idyllically nestled in meadows, streams and forests at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. There you will find a wonderful place of strength, abundance and security.

A place to completely let go and to arrive within yourself. With its very special energy, it invites calmness, lightness and inspiration into our lives.

The vision for this piece of earth was and still is, to create a place that serves spiritual concentration, common growth and stillness – a place to stop, to “come to rest”, a space in which one is protected and noticed . A space that serves to gain knowledge and experience that leads to a sustainable life in harmony with oneself, fellow human beings, all beings and nature; a space in which it becomes possible to recognize oneself.

Revitalized water

Because water is important to us, we pay as much attention to it as possible. Soft and revitalized Grander spring water is available throughout the house. Of course we prepare our food and our teas with it. And you can taste it – and feel it while showering!

Ayurvedic cuisine

Good, honest, freshly cooked and therefore also beneficial food is particularly important to us. We are happy to take care of the culinary needs of your group for your seminar; We cook so-called Ayurvedic “Tridosha dishes” for our guests, which are vegetarian and vegan on request. Only the best ingredients go into our dishes; The aspect of using mainly regional, organic and seasonal food is important to us.

Price & Further Details

Twin/Double/1 Triple-room – 585,- / Dormitory – 545,-

Early bird price until 01.03.2022 –

Twin/Double/1 Triple-room – € 555,- / Dormitory € 515,-

-incl. all food & accommodation-


Accommodation with Ayurvedic full board – vegetarian. Vegan – please contact me.

Also feel free to contact us for support.

You will stay in one of the super cozy double/twin – triple rooms or in the dormitory.

Cancellation agreement: Reservation Fee to safe your spot is € 200,- (non-refundable)  /  If the retreat does not take place, all payments will be refunded.

We will all start the workshop, after we all come together for dinner on Thursday night. Dinner is at around 6 pm. Please try to arrive early enough so you will have some time for yourself and settle into the space. The workshop will end on Sunday late afternoon, after a closing circle.

If you have any further question, please contact us.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. The booking form will be in German as well.

About Frank Lee

Frank Lees childhood vision was to become a break dancer with an unique movement signature. The search for his own style became a deep dive into consciousness and its relation to the body. In Berlin he had the chance to study movement from various perspectives, from Feldenkrais to contemporary dance and the inner world motion. He found out that true movement is not willingly done, it’s a happening.

For more than 17 now has he been researching on unconsciously initiated movement such as reflexes and the body’s immanent desire to move especially when music is played. “I explored countless approaches to move, from dancing to therapy and extracted their essences. I have merged everything together to form a bigger picture.” He found out that there is something in us alive beyond our consciousness, which has it’s own will and character. He says, the more we let “it” take over our body, the more aesthetics, complexity and ease will come into our movement. What he discovered, is a method to directly reconnect to our ancient inborn movement intelligence.

In his contrasting life between artistic avant-garde of metropolitan nightlife and therapeutic work with consciousness and movement, he always manages the balancing act between seemingly opposing worlds. Frank Lee is part of international artistic collaboratives, such as the Birdmilk Collective and Taet Vrämya. He is one of the few people who have elaborated and can teach movement from both, artistic and therapeutic perspectives.

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