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Dance like everyone is watching.

E c s t a t i c   D a n c e   A l l g ä u

Upcoming journey:

“Lifes Vibrations”

Friday 02.09.22 – 7:00 till 10:30 pm / Djane AHUREIA

& Ambient Soundjourney with David

Seminarhaus Sulzbrunn – Sulzbrunn 1-8 – 87477 Sulzberg

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– – – – – ONLY WITH REGISTRATION ! – – – – –
Only with registration via E-MAIL
(incl. full name, address or phone number)
Deadline Tu. 01.09. – 12:00 !
No registration via Telefon, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal etc.!!!


Our dance floor is a non-verbal space!!!
So we ask you, as soon as you enter the dance floor, please remain silent and stop all communication or keep it to a minimum (whisper)!
At this point, we already start the journey and dive into our very own space.

* Arrival & Warm Up
* Dance Wave
* Sound Journey
* Closing Circle

Dance: Euro 15,- plus…at your own discretion
Cacao 4,- Euro
Only while it last.
Please bring your own cup!


– Due the current numbers of Corona, currently the 3G rule applies in Bavaria. Thus also for this Ecstatic Dance.
This means, that all participants have to present a proof of vaccination, recovery or test. You can also do a quick test at site. (Please bring your own test)

– If you have had contact with COVID 19 cases or non-specific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms in the last 14 days, you will unfortunately not be able to take part at the dance. In this case, please contact us.

– As soon as you get out of the car at the parking lot, the distance rule of 1.5m from people from other households applies to the entire premises of the Sulzbrunn seminar house.

– In the stairwells and hallways of the seminar house, the mask requirement applies. Please bring your own mask. You don’t need a mask to dance and do a workshop in the gym.

– In order to enable contact persons to be determined in the event of a subsequently infected COVID 19 case among guests or staff, documentation is provided with details of the name, telephone number or email address or address of a person per household at check-in.

Dance as meditation, as a conscious ritual, is as ancient as humanity itself. There is something sacred to it and is present in nearly all cultures and many religions all around the world.

So, we like you to join us, enjoying a safe and open space, to freely dance without judging, talking, drinking or any nightclub vibe. This dance is about exploration, about feeling, about freeing your mind and body as well as connecting with yourself and others. On top of it, it is great exercise, stress release and even more important, a celebration of life.

“To dance is to be yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power on earth – and it is yours for the taking.” ~Agnes DeMille~

What is Ecstatic Dance ?

Ecstatic Dance is inviting all people from all cultural backgrounds to freely express themselves. The liberating atmosphere of this structure is creating a container of acceptance and fearlessness in which everyone is giving the possibility as well as the courage to dance without inhibition.

With Ecstatic Dance we create a temple to freely explore movement. Each dance is like a ceremony in itself and will be opened as well as closed in a circle. It is an open musical exploration of our body and mind. A ritual where the magic of life, its wonders and its beauty unfold. We build up a strong flow of energy and reconnect with our self. It is a playground, a field of exploration, a prayer as well as an active meditation. It is a way of outwardly and openly travelling inward.

The dance becomes an inner journey which will be guided by a wave of music. From spherical, slow and meditative tunes through some faster beats, till a high and wild peak which will slow down and conclude in a soft and melodic end relaxation. Electronical beats combined with music from all around the world is interwoven, bringing us closer as individuals within a connected tribe.

To create such a container, we always follow some simple – guidelines -.

What do we do in Ecstatic Dance?

We create a sacred and safe space to feel free and open, allowing us to explore all aspects of our human existents as well as our emotions while dancing. We reconnect with ourselves, expressing our inner powers, our tenderness, our inner child and our vulnerability. We fall into trance, we play and explore.

We are dancing in a way our body wants us to, without any choreography or judgment! We get out of our heads and into our bodies, discovering and following our inner body wisdom which we all possess.

We invite you to move in ways which you’ve never explored before. To go beyond your habitual movement patterns and find your very own inner dance. Observe and feel, be wild, be free, be curious. But most importantly, be yourself and express whatever there is, through the dance. Whatever comes up in your inner space, whatever feeling might surface, – bring it to the dancefloor, embody it, live it. All is welcome. Be your authentic *%$#@&* self and unleash your inner demons if you wish.

This is a space, to have fun, to be playful, to jump, to roll around on the ground, to be wild and crazy, to be still, to laugh, to cry, to scream, to moan, to cheer, to fly…..and just simply to be!……within!……the dance.  We will always complete the dance with a moment of silence.

“Movement is my medicine, my meditation, my metaphor and my method, a living language we can rely upon to tell us the truth about who we are, who we are with, and where we are going. There is no dogma in the dance.” ~Gabrielle Roth~

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

We intend this dance to be pleasurable, fun and welcoming as well as a liberating experience for everyone. We want you to feel free, comfortable and safe, and therefore we have a couple of guidelines. By the way, these guidelines are the same for all Ecstatic Dances all around the world.

So, in order to provide a safe and welcoming space which will give everyone the freedom to let go and explore, we always agree to the following:

  • Drop judgements and expectations of yourself and others, move in whatever way you feel like. There is no right or wrong while dancing – to be authentic, playful, curious and free.
  • Be aware of your own space and the space of others.
  • Ecstatic dance is a drug & alcohol-free space. We practice healthy connections and aiming for natural highs.
  • We dance barefoot or sockfoot. Feeling the connection to mother earth, increasing our balance, grounding and the feeling of exploration.
  • No photos, videos or any kind of recording.
  • No wearing of scent.
  • No talking on the dance floor – to increase your journey inwards and your body awareness. However, sounds are mostly welcome.
    • You are responsible for yourself, to respect your own boundaries. Also be very respectful to the boundaries of others.

Ecstatic Dance has been created to be safe container, whether we’re dancing alone or with others. Ecstatic Dance is contact-friendly, but please always keep in mind that we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Please be mindful and make sure the way you approach other dancers is resonant with them. Start with simple eye contact. If somebody offers you a shared dance and you are not interested, simply give them a bow with your hands at your heart to say, “no thank you”. You are also invited to always come back to yourself. – You can just truly meet someone when you are in touch with yourself –

All Dates

Ecstatic Dance Allgäu - Schedule

All dates and places for our beloved dance

Mo. 24.10.22  –  Nana Dakini / ED Rosenheim

Th. 10.11.22  –  …will be announced shortly…

Th. 15.12.22  –  Miss Shanti Panthi / ED Landshut


“Dance, when you are broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~Rumi~


Bleib immer auf dem Laufenden zu aktuellen Workshops, Retreats und dem Ecstatic Dance.
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