Primal Play Munich

A playful journey into authentic connection.

Primal Play Munich

A wild playful, gently exciting and intimate journey into authentic connection

Primal Play is a slightly different form of meeting each other curiously, authentically and mindfully. Intimate, nourishing, playful and alive.
Sometimes wild, sometimes tender, completely open or also reserved, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet and every time completely different.
A space to explore, learn from and grow with each other.

We all know these moments of uncertainty in interpersonal connections. In new encounters. In intimate moments.

How do you deal with them? What impulses come up? What is activated in you and which patterns start to show itself?

How about just pausing and welcoming these moments of uncertainty. To feel, to breathe and to perceive. To curiously explore in a trusting container and dive into this mystery of the present moment.
These moments of connection are always – now – here in this very moment. Uncertain, exciting – anything can happen, but also nothing.
But above all, these moments are filled with aliveness. The magic of life is allowed to unfold and uncertainty is able to transform – into play and adventure.

We move from uncertainty to trust, from resistance to acceptance, from tension to relaxation, and from drama to adventure.

Primal Play is a wonderful field of practice and research for relationship and connection. We learn to perceive ourselves and the other in a new unique and simple way when we become relational. We are invited to show ourselves with everything that is present at the given moment, while we engage in an authentic connection with each other again and again. In this way we create intimate and lively encounters.

By consciously allowing and tuning into an encounter as well as being present in our relationships, we create a new space of connection, intimacy and inspiration. From this arise the conditions for healthy interactions, aliveness and wholesome togetherness. We cultivate relationship spaces in which we act mindfully, instead of reacting impulsively and activated.

So what is Primal Play

*A meeting space* – in which we courageously and confidently surrender to our intuition. An authentic immersion of two people in the present moment. A playful connection with our inner being, our wildness and also our gentleness.

*An possibility* – to perceive the give moment without and idea and notions, free of expectations of how something should or should not be. Connected and present, we stay in connection with ourselves and the other. Feeling and following the impulses and energies of each moment.

*An opportunity* – to be amazed and surprised again and again, in which we are allowed to experience ourselves in a non-verbal container in a completely new way. We stay connected with what we feel and experience a whole new way of connection and contact through movement, touch and sound. Nourishing and intimate moments that invite authentic closeness with the other, but first and foremost with ourselves.

*An active meditation* – in which the energies of two people begin to dance. A co-creation of life, in which we observe and experience how our aliveness unfolds out of the moment in deep connection. Open, playful and with a lot of lightness we curiously embark on a journey of discovery. We allow ourselves to be completely ourselves, with everything that wants to be there right now. Mindful with ourselves and in contact with the other.

In Primal Play we have the opportunity to learn from and with each other. We enter into a space of inquiry and encounter ourselves with the other. Without intention we dive into the mystery of the present moment. We pause and connect with our senses, explore our perception and listen to our gut feelings.

*Hear throbbing and excitement included = aliveness*.

How do I react in connection? How does my body feel in the process? What can I perceive? Which impulses do I follow and where do I hold back? When and how do I feel my boundaries? And how can I bring all this into contact?

We practice being in contact with each other, play and create new possibilities of encounter. We make new neural connections and repeatedly create positive and nourishing experiences in our system. Thus, we can transform old unhelpful conditioning in contact and create whole new alive possibilities of unfolding ourselves.
We gift each other by lovingly challenging each other and growing in our relational spaces.

In waiting and pausing, it seems as if everything is still and nothing is moving – as if nothing is happening. But when we become still and start to relax into this space, to rest in it, then one becomes easily aware of oneself. Suddenly you feel all the sweetness of being alive…. Perhaps waiting and pausing is the moment when we are most alive.

How, when and where?

12:00 am till ca. 4:00 pm

Current Dates

At the moment there are no dates for the Primal Play.
Feel free to sign up for the newsletter, to stay informed for upcoming opportunities.

– – – – – TICKETS – – – – –

Reduced € 45,-
Regular € 55,-
– everything above, if you would like to support me and this work


– – – – – PLEASE BRING ALONG – – – – –

– Comfortable clothes in which you can move well
(Change of clothes or onion principle – there will be active and less active phases)
– Water bottle (preferably not made of glass and with a tight seal)
– Cosy blanket
– Thick & warm socks
– You, with everything that is aliove in you right now
(every part of you is so very welcome)
– A good amount of curiosity, trust and a sense of adventure

Primal Play is for everyone – singles as well as couples. Each meeting has his own specific flavour.

If you have any questions or are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact me –
I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Your host


Besides my great passion for embodiment, authentic relating, yoga, meditation and dance, my heart also beats for the power of cocoa and homemade chocolates. In my home country, I regularly host and organise, in addition to Ecstatic Dance Allgäu, other deep, lively and touching groups to truly encounter oneself and others.

As Gestalt-therapist in training, trained yoga teacher, I see in yoga, in relationships – and in life itself, a never-ending journey of healing and self-exploration. In my life’s journey so far, I have been and continue to be fortunate to learn from great teachers, as well as experience numerous ways and methods of self-knowledge.

With the heart of the eternal disciple, it gives me great joy to create spaces of mindfulness and connection together – to continue learning, to share my knowledge and to accompany other people a bit on their life journey.

Experiences along my path:
*2014 – 2017 – Deep transformation in a spiritual community, a home and working place – Pachamama in Costa Rica
*2014 – Yoga Vinyasa & Philosophy Training / 50 hours – SchoolOfTheWorld Costa Rica
*2015 – Yoga Teacher Training / Hatha based / 200 hours – Pachamama Costa Rica
*2017 – Yoga Psychology & Meditation Training / 150 hours – Magod India
*2018 – Yoga Therapy Training / 70 hours – Berlin
*2019 – Year long training – Coach for Holistic Self-Awareness – Bayern/Chiemgau
*2021 –Year long – Embodied Intimacy Training – Sweden
*2022 – Belly2Belly Facilitator Training
*2022 – 2027 Gestalt-Therapie-Training – Bayern/Wasserburg

Bleib immer auf dem Laufenden zu aktuellen Workshops, Retreats und dem Ecstatic Dance.
ja, bitte halte mich auf dem laufenden
nein danke!