Shiva*Shakti Seminar 24.09. – 01.10.2022

An encounter with our very own feminine and masculine powers

Shiva Shakti – Intensive Retreat

for women and men

An encounter with our very own feminine and masculine powers

with Sanyana, Robert and Arati

Seminar centre Beuerhof – Üxheim / Vulkaneifel – Sa. 24.09. – Sa. 01.10.2022

This seminar is dedicated to the dance between Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine. Shiva and Shakti, symbolise the primordial polarity of our cosmos and are symbols for the different parts within us.

Through a healthy balance of these two poles, we strengthen a nurturing connection between the feminine & masculine and learn how to integrate and live these aspects of ourselves in a healthy way.

The deeper we connect and balance these two parts, the more we can live in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

We invite you to dive in with us and explore these two energies – Shiva & Shakti – and bring them into a healthy balance. A journey to yourself and the encounter with your very own forces, exciting and alive.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

In a safe, held and loving space of experience we explore the polarities within us and use our counterpart as a lovingly supportive mirror. Often we come across earlyemotional childhood injuries and old wounds that make us repeat old patterns again and again helplessly in incomprehension and pain. We will accept these kindly and lovingly, transforming them through deep compassion and change them into self-love.

It is the highest art of human beings to live in balance. For this we need to know, live and learn to love both poles. Let’s dive deeper together to experience yourself anew and meet yourself in all your aliveness.

When we come to a point where the sacred feminine unites with the sacred masculine in each of us, we create a sacred union of compassion and passion within ourselves.Mathew Fox

This retreat is a declaration of love to polarity, to life here on earth. It is an invitation for all those who want to come into a deep connection with their primordial femininity and masculinity in order to find sustainable healing within and without.

It is very suitable as a joint journey with your partner, but also for people without a partnership who would like to explore, learn and grow in community.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Seminar structure

Men and women will be accommodated separately.
The men in the Tippi village, where they will be very close to nature and be rooted with the origin – and the women in the cosy main house, where they can feel snug and safely held.

Our seminar will consist of several parts.

After a first get together, we will dive into our very own energy in separate groups (women and men among themselves) and meet our inner Shiva & Shakti power.
Afterwards we will bring these awakened energies together again and again in deep ceremonies.

Always remember that we are created in balance. The divine masculine and the divine feminine both exist within us. Not as gender, but as energy… not as physical characteristics, but as spiritual equal poles. Consciously consider how you might nurture them so that they can feel safe in your body.Elizabeth Shynell

You can expect

  • Inspiring and supportive exercises, rituals and transformative meditations
  • Connecting to your feelings in your body
  • Consciousness work in the field of polarities and in relationship

– Looking at and healing suppressed femininity/masculinity

– Learning to feel and hold the inner child

– Detachment from father and mother

– Recognising and transforming relationship patterns

– Opening the sexual elemental force

– Release energy blockages

– Reconnect with your primal femininity/primal masculinity

Recognise your deepest, authentic self

  • An open exchange, movement, dance and fun in the group
  • A loving and protected space in the circle of loving people
  • Emotional & personal support 24/7
  • Nurturing vegan food – organic and/or regional
  • A wonderful place to be in the middle of the Eifel National Parc
Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Shiva Energy

Shiva, or Yang energy, is the masculine pole of divine creative energy. He stands for consciousness, clarity and knowledge.
He is focus and purposefulness.
If Shakti is the source of all creativity, he is the artist who chooses and creates from the endless pool of possibilities.

Meet Shiva in new depth in this seminar.
Find out where you are already living him and where you are still blocking him.
Is he finding healthy expression in your life?
Experience his unleashed power, his love, the very unique expression he wants to find through you.

Shakti Energy

Shakti, or yin energy, is the feminine pole of divine creative energy. It is creative, wild and chaotic. An endless field of possibilities. It is flowing, emotional, ecstatically dancing, sensual and expressive.

Meet Shakti in this seminar in a new depth.
Discover where you are already living it and where you are still blocking it.
Is she finding healthy expression in your life?
Experience her unleashed power, her love and her unique embodiment through you.

This is an invitation to have profound experiences with your feminine and masculine parts and to discover and experience them in a sacred space.

This group is for you…

  • if you wish to have deep and true encounters with yourself and your fellow human beings
  • if you want to better understand the polarity of feminine & masculine – and integrate these energies as a source of power and balance in your life
  • if you long in your heart for more connection and intimacy
  • if you want to invite your primal power fully into yourself again
Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Words to women

We live in a society where female qualities are hardly appreciated. Gentleness, feeling, acting without a goal, wildness, for example, are aspects that have hardly been conveyed to us as valuable. We often have the feeling that high and very specific demands are made on us as to how a woman should be. Her behaviour, her body, her way of life.

To fit into this society, many of us go into the unhealthy masculinity of functioning and we try to suppress our feminine parts. Or we have such a rage against the masculine energy, through all the hurts we have had to experience, that we shut it out completely and sink into ourselves.

Often we are cut off from our pelvic power, the wild woman in us, who lives her expression freely. She doesn’t care what others think of her and what apparent demands are made of her. She lives freely and explores herself anew every day. She allows herself to feel, her softness, her intuition, her sensuality, her power and strength.

She knows her true being. We want to invite this and your very individual wild woman again.

We want to rediscover who we are when our heart and our pelvis connect powerfully. Gently and strongly we are allowed to grow into our very own expression of femininity. With this heart-pelvis connection, our gentleness and strength, we will then meet the embodiment of man.

What to expect in the circle of women?

  • A connected & nurturing sisterhood
  • Shadow work & the deep meeting with your inner child
  • Connection to your very own feminine energy
  • Exploring your femininity & getting in touch with your masculine energy
  • Awakening of the wild woman and pelvic power
  • Connecting with your heart & the unconditional love within you
  • Dance, meditation and somatic bodywork
  • Emotional work – feeling and becoming tangible
  • Healing and deeply transforming rituals and ceremonies

Words to men

Our modern times have allowed masculine qualities to slowly fade away and produce unhealthy patterns of masculinity. Masculinity in today’s society is mostly characterised by strength, achievement, competition, envy and jealousy. Whole generations of men have found it difficult to cope with a rapidly changing world, much of which evolves from old patterns and collective beliefs of masculinity.

With hardly any tools or guides, we are no longer well equipped to face life and its challenges, leading to deep confusion in our being. Often we are very emotional and in need of harmony, but not in true feeling and therefore not in our inner strength. Or we are completely cut off from our feelings and not truly present to ourselves and our surroundings.

But if we reconnect with our heart, our feelings, our needs and above all with our inner strength and brotherhood; then we create a possibility for us to show ourselves in our authenticity, vulnerability and power and lead us together – to deeper clarity with ourselves.

With this clarity and from this powerful and heart-connected space we will encounter the mystery of woman.

What to expect in the circle of men?

  • A connected & nurturing brotherhood
  • Connecting to your very own masculine energy
  • Exploring your masculinity and getting in touch with your feminine energy
  • Dance, meditation and somatic bodywork
  • Emotional work – feeling and becoming tangible
  • Healing and deeply transforming rituals and ceremonies
  • Nature experience
  • Philosophy circles

Our space together

In our common space we come together with all our wonderful qualities, but also our vulnerable parts. We encounter each other playfully, lively, powerfully and authentically. In different, mindful spaces of experience we experience the play of closeness and distance, dive deeply into rituals and ceremonies. Experience the mystery of the divine dance between Shiva and Shakti.

There will always be times in separate rooms where women and men will dwell in their very own field. This is an opportunity to connect with our primal energies to reflect and integrate. Then we come together again and again to share our qualities and gifts with each other, to nourish ourselves in the common field and to celebrate the difference as well as the sameness within us. Curious, powerful and full of joy.

Seminar centre Beuerhof

Where 13,000 years ago volcanoes were active in the Eifel, between Nürburgring and Blankenheim, lies the Beuerhof seminar centre. With its approx. 12 hectares, a tipi village, seminar rooms and smaller units, it is the perfect retreat for transformative work and introspection.

The Beuerhof is embedded in the natural landscape of the Eifel National Park and offers a piece of home for everyone who visits this place. Situated off the beaten track, at an altitude of 500 m, the visitor looks out into the vast landscape and takes a deep breath. There is something very special in the air. There is a sense of well-being, contentment and a sigh of relief. As if the place had been waiting all these years to finally welcome you. It welcomes you and offers you space to connect with nature, Mother Earth, the Celts, the Indians, but most of all with yourself. The sprits of the place support you in this.

The whole Beuerhof lies on an earth meridian. Earth meridians are gravitational lines that run around our earth. They were used by the ancestors as preferred building and ritual sites. This place was thus used as a place of worship and ceremony by Celts, Romans and other ancestors many thousands of years ago. Many people who come here feel the energies and radiations of this earth.

The connection with nature, the animals, the people and the forces inherent in everything leads to more clarity about what our original self actually means. Everyone experiences this connectedness in their own individual way, but we all go home with this feeling deeply rooted in our hearts and carry it into the world. This is what makes the magic of the Beuerhof and its power places.

The old main house with today’s 450 square metres of living space stands on the foundations of a Roman villa from the time when the Beuerhof was a horse-changing station for the Roman legions and a resting place for travellers. Heerstraße; this is still the name of the road from the village out to us today. The present walls were built in the 15th century, partly with building material from the castle ruins next door in the forest. Today’s cellar dates back to Roman times.

Price & Details

Full price € 1.280,-

Early bird options:

The first six bookings € 1.110,- / 7th-16th booking € 1.200,- / all other bookings 1.280,-

-incl. food & accommodation / 560,- full vegan board for 7 nights

The men are accommodated in the tipi village and the women in the main house in cosy 2-4 bed rooms.

Feel free to contact us if there are any further questions (E-mail or Contact form)

Refund agreement: Binding deposit to secure your place: € 250,- (not refundable). However, if the seminar does not take place, all payments already made will be refunded.

This seminar is a wonderful opportunity for a journey together with a partner, but also for people without a partnership who would like to explore, learn and grow in community.

We will start the seminar on Saturday, when we get to know each other for the first time (at 16:00) and have dinner together. Please be there early enough so that you have enough time for yourself to arrive and possibly move into your room. On Saturday, around noon/afternoon, we will end the seminar in a speaking circle.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Sanyana, Robert and Arati

We have been accompanying people on their life path for many years now and see our calling in supporting inner transformation processes with all our experience. In addition, we continuously research and learn in various fields of self-awareness in order to pass on our gifts to you in an integrated and inspired way.

Through our experiences, we are very familiar with the physical and emotional concerns that can arise with a variety of issues – and these are heartily invited into our spaces.

Throughout the seminar we will be there for you, giving you space and loving attention at any time – night and day, if this is what you need. In us you will find support as well as the possibility to recognise deeper connections between your body, your psyche and your feelings.


Many years of depression and an eating disorder, as well as difficult family circumstances, challenged me very early on to walk the path of self-knowledge and healing. My calling arose from my own healing path, which I see in recognising the light in myself and all beings. To be free of judgement and to support others in discovering this vast space within themselves.

This space of deep peace and boundless acceptance and love.
At the same time, I would like to remind you of the elemental power that lies dormant in all of us and whose fire can transform our lives and this world. So today I create healing spaces in which people can meet themselves. They can recognise, heal and grow beyond themselves. My work is mainly composed of depth psychological, shamanic and tantric influences.


Through a near-fatal avalanche accident, subsequent vision quest and years of intensive work on myself, life has clearly shown me that my future task in life lies in working with growing young and adult men.

It is a great pleasure for me to accompany men on their way and to help them into their power.

As a wilderness educator and passionate mountaineer, nature is my space to be. It is one of my greatest teachers and a place of insight and healing.

Robert was allowed to write an article for the magazine FREILERNER on the subject of his heart, which gives you further information, background and suggestions for the seminar:  Initiation BOYS to Men


Besides my great passion for embodiment, authentic relating, yoga, meditation and dance, my heart also beats for the power of cocoa and homemade chocolates. In my home country, I regularly host and organise, in addition to Ecstatic Dance Allgäu, other deep, lively and touching groups to truly encounter oneself and others.

As a trained yoga teacher, I see in yoga, in relationships – and in life itself, a never-ending journey of healing and self-exploration. In my life’s journey so far, I have been and continue to be fortunate to learn from great teachers, as well as experience numerous ways and methods of self-knowledge.

With the heart of the eternal disciple, it gives me great joy to create spaces of mindfulness and connection together – to continue learning, to share my knowledge and to accompany other people a bit on their life journey.

Bleib immer auf dem Laufenden zu aktuellen Workshops, Retreats und dem Ecstatic Dance.
ja, bitte halte mich auf dem laufenden
nein danke!