Detox, Cleanse & Balance Retreat / Ibiza 03.10. – 07.10.2019

Bring your best, brightest and healthiest self onto this world.

Detox, Cleanse & Balance Retreat

with Umina

House of Colours Resort – Northern Hills / Ibiza

  3rd – 7th of October 2019

Reclaim your vital energy and feel alive again!

Five days of cleansing your body and soul in an oasis of tranquillity imbedded in a picturesque landscape high up in the northen hills of Ibiza, a perfect spot to gain a new lease of life.


It is our natural birth right to realize our highest potential and embrace our innate beauty in this life.

This is the perfect retreat for you because...

…after the long summer season, autumn is the right time to go on a luxurious healing vacation that would allow you to lose those extra few pounds and feel rejuvenated.
The retreat is a wonderful opportunity to embark on a journey towards increasing your energy and vitality. It will help you lose weight and form long-term habits of eating healthy, well balanced meals.
It is a break from your busy schedule which allows you to pause and relax…
It will allow you to nourish your body with organic juices enriched with superfoods, learn the necessary skills and acquire the knowledge that will allow you to incorporate healthy lifestyle principles into your daily routine, purify your body mind and soul in the sweat lodge, relax in the wonderful infinity pool, experience the wild nature, practice yoga, and just walk and rest on the beach.
You will be able to do it all in a small, supportive and productive group, with the close guidance of Umina & Ilona and in an inspirational location.

If your blood is formed from eating the foods you can reach while standing on the earth (fruits, green leaf and colourful vegetables), your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life. For the first time, you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body – like a slight electric current flowing through you – that shakes your whole being delightfully.Unknown

Why is it important to Detox?

Healing More than 80% of the various diseases that occur in our body happen because of the toxins that accumulate in our body over time. The toxic residue is the ideal substrate for harmful bacteria, parasites and fungi. The blood that passes through the intestines (where most toxins accumulate) carries the toxins through the bloodstream where they cause irritation wherever they pass through. As a result, unnoticed inflammation begins to build up in the body’s tissues. This inflammation has a negative effect on a person’s general health condition and it damages the weaker organs first. Recuperation Detoxification is the oldest and most effective method of natural self-healing.
Since the dawn of time, many cultures have been using detoxification to treat themselves; from Ancient Egyptians and Greeks to the Yogis in the Himalayas.
The human body is an ingenious system capable of curing itself from almost any disease through a proper cleansing process. Even chronic diseases and cancer are being treated by deep detoxification… Weight Loss The process of cleansing the body is like a reboot of the system.
If you’re overweight and your diet is low in nutritional values and based on industrial foods, you will likely lose one pound a day. We believe that the cleansing program is the best way to change your diet and lifestyle. After the detox, if you continue to eat healthy nutritious food, work out and keep a balanced lifestyle, you will continue to lose weight.

This Retreat includes


  • Organic Juices – A diet based on juices prepared from organic fruits and vegetables only. The juices are cold-pressed and enriched with several of the most potent superfoods on the planet.
  • Yoga Practice – A specially designed yoga sequence which helps encourage the body to detox while focusing on the digestive system. There will also be daily walks as well as being in nature and at the beach in order to unwind and meditate.
  • Sweat Lodge – The sweat ceremony is intended as a spiritual reunion with the creator and a respectful connection to the earth itself as much as it is meant for purging toxins out of the physical body.
    Mental Healing – it frees the mind of distractions, offering clarity.
  • The World of Superfoods – Umina & Ilona will demonstrate how to prepare shakes based on superfoods while you will learn how to make a nutritious and tasty superfood shake at home. These techniques will help you incorporate these medicinal foods into your daily routine.
  • Teaching and Guidance – Daily classes on various subjects such as the power of natural healing, the digestive system and a well-balanced diet, different food combinations, the golden rules of superfoods and everything you need to know and do in order to maintain a balanced diet in the long run.
    Those interested in deepening the cleansing will receive a daily enema kit and will be instructed in how to use it.
  • Umina’s internet course – The Day after the group uou will be giftes with Umina’s “The Superfood Kitchen” course as well as be invited to a follow-up meeting around two weeks after the retreat ends to make sure you’ve integrated it into your daily routine. In addition, you’ll receive four digital booklets: “Recipes to a New Kitchen”, “Superfood Smoothies”, “Superfood Ice-creams” and “After Cleansing – The Next Step”.

The Detox, Cleasing & Balance Retreat will give you the opprotunity to:


√ feel positive energy pulsating through your body again
√ get rid of harmful eating habits and the craving for addictive foods
√ lose weight effortlessly (an average of 4-6 pounds)
√ learn about the world of superfoods and how to implement new healthy eating habits into your daily routine that will not break even after the retreat ends
√ feel and look wonderful

House of Colours Resort

House-of-Colors, an oasis of tranquillity imbedded in a picturesque landscape high up in the northen hills of Ibiza.

The house is located on the top of the hill in the wildness of northen Ibiza – just 15-30 minutes away from some of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches. Surrounded by the lush forest the wonderful infinity pool invites to spend hours of relaxation.

The house offer a few type of accomodation – all of them are perfect to get quiet, relax and get back your energies.

Retreat & Accommodation Prices

Participation without accommodation € 600,-

Person in a Triple room € 720,-  /  Separate beds, Bathroom right next door in the main house

Person in a Double room € 750,-  /  Separate or twin bed, Bathroom right next door in the main house

Person in a Single Room € 820,-  /  Bathroom right next door in the main house

Person in a Triple € 740,- or Double € 820,- apartment Private bath room

The cost of the retreat includes everything you need for the full detox experience. The only additions are the massage therapies that you can choose, ranging from €60 to €90.

Your facilitators


Umina is a pioneer in the superfood movement that is sweeping the globe.

She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She studies and practices western herbal medicine, teaches yoga and is a mother of three.

Her bestselling book, Superfood: Gateway to a New Kitchen, which focuses on food as medicine, brings the world of superfoods and healing through nutrition to every kitchen.

Umina is currently working throughout Europe and Israel, helping people transform their lives by revolutionizing their relationship to food.

Ilona Pantel-Ayal

Ilona  is a multi-level therapist, fasting guide and medicine woman.

She studied Psychology, Philosophy and Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona, at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen and received her Psychology Diploma there. In America she completed her studies in Hakomi, Hypnotherapy and PCT.

Ilona is a certified Fasting guide, Tachyon Practitioner and a certified Light Language practitioner teacher.

Ilona has woven all these different healing techniques into an elaborate energy healing approach that she offers in this retreat.

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