Christmas Silence Retreat / 19.12. – 25.12.2019

You with yourself, in peace and silence.

Christmas Silence Retreat

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

  19. – 25. Dezember 2019

With Winter Solsctice Ceremony and a unique Christmas Eve!

The Christmas Silent Retreat will offer you a wonderful christmas time. It is made for people who would like to experience a real “holy night” again. A nourishing Christmas with introspection, meditation, time for yourself, silence and special ceremonies that you will never forget!

During these seminar days we’ll meet once in the morning and once in the evening to meditate together, to breathe actively and to move the energy within you in a meaningfull way. In between, you have, above all, time for yourself in which you can reflect on the past year and let yourself be guided by the surrounding nature to your inner silence.

In addition, on December 21, we will “celebrate” the longest night of the year together, by honoring it with a special meditation. In a sense, we are connecting with our own inner darkness, finding the light in the dark within ourselves.

On Christmas day, we’ll lift the silence and enjoy a lovely feast with wonderful people and stay without stress! You can just come, be and enjoy.

What to expect

1. Holy Silence

Three days of the seminar we’ll spend in silence and enjoy our pure being. The silence will help us to go deeper, to perceive subtle realms, and observing every breath as well as what is happening all around us.

2. Conscious Breathing

The breath will guide us, helping us to expand consciousness and stay well connected to the body. Various breathing exercises bring energy into a free flow and nourish you like you have a big feast!

3. Winter Solstice

On this particular day, we will meditate in a special way, honoring the darkness in us and, in gratitude, connecting with our own light!

4. A very special Christmas

On this day there will be a surprise feast, the silence is lifted and in the evening, we come together by the fireplace of the seminar room and listen to pleasant music.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.
Listen to the silence, it has so much to say – the quieter you become, the more you will be able to hear.Rumi

Seminar Structure

The day before the first day of the seminar is intended solely for your arrival. The earlier you are at the seminar site that day, the greater the favor you make yourself. This allows you to arrive in peace and get to know the place of the seminar. In the evening at 6 pm there will be an introduction and the first meeting.

After the fifth day of the seminar, we will meet for the last time in the morning on the day of departure, before everyone carries the gifts that he has discovered in himself out into the world.

Arrival day: Itroduction round at 6 pm

1. Day: Meditations and getting to know each other

2. Day: First day in Silence, meditations and a winter solstice ceremony

3. Day: Second day in Silence, and meditations

4. Day: Third day in Silence, and meditations

5. Day: Surprise party and a pleasant music evening!

Departure day: Final round, outlook and seminar end at the latest 11 clock in the morning

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.



There will always be spring water, good tea, vegetable broth and various cereal milks.

In addition, we will enjoy a common warm meal once a day.

This lightness will carry us and we nourish ourselves above all by a pleasantly fine energy.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.


The best preparation for the seminar is when you come as relaxed as possible and are internally ready to make a whole new experience. So, do not think too much about the time after the seminar, who knows what kind of person you might be by then.

Four weeks before the seminar there will be a welcome mail sned out to the whole group. Thus, we are already connected in advance, carpoolscan be formed, you will receive a “What to bring list” and we get to know each other beforehand.

These seminar days are just for you, please complete all your tasks at home. Who knows when you will have once again the opportunity to take such precious time for yourself and your well-being.

Seminar Center Lamplstätt

The seminar center is idyllically situated between Haag i.Ob. and Wasserburg at the Inn. Lamplstätt offers a 150 m² vaulted seminar room and a 100 m² dining or conference area. The approximately 35ha large area is surrounded by two streams, which after a while lead into a river. There is also a beautiful natural forest near the seminar center. The breathtaking view of the Alps, a crystal walking trail and several high energy places make this area unique and touching to the heart!

Lamplstätt is very secluded, you can enjoy the clean air, the nice and quiet surrounding and the wonderful illuminated night sky full of stars. The focus of the center lies on consciousness, meditation, health and self-awareness.

Price Inner Freedom Vitality Seminar

1. Deposit to safe your spot 200€
2. Rest balance one month before the seminar starts 190€

3. Food and board one month before the seminar starts 300€

(random allocation of rooms in double & shared rooms or in your bus/tent)

Total 690€

Single room +120€

Istallment payments are also possible. Please let us know if we can help.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Our facilitators

For a long time, we have been accompanying people on their path in life and see our dedication in supporting their inner transformation processes with all our experience gained throughout the years. Moreover, do we repeatedly dive into intense self-awareness experiences to consciously keep ourselves fresh and inspired to share our gifts.

We know the range of physical and emotional concerns that can arise in a transformation process. In addition to restore outer comfort, we also offer you the opportunity to discover deeper connections between your body, your mind and your emotions. In doing so, we awake the potential for sustainable well-being.

During the seminar, the seminar leaders will be available at any time – day or night – and will gladly give you the necessary attention to support you in your process.


After my training as a nurse, I gained experience especially in addiction therapy and was also able to accompany people in spiritual counseling, to unlock their potential and to create the best possible version of their selves. On my travels around the world did I gain experience in shamanic medicine work, mental and physical detoxification and strengthening. In this intense time, I meditated in a Buddhist monastery, among other things, where I learned to explore my inner world. I gained access to methods through which an ever clearer and finer immersion in the depths of my being could happen. Back in Europe, I dedicated myself to a one-year tantric education. Finally, I was allowed to merge all these findings as a coach for holistic self-awareness. There is nothing better for me than watching people discover their inner silence and inner joy. I would be very happy to be able to accompany you a little bit to yourself.


In addition to my passion for yoga, dance and meditation, my heart beats for the exhilarant power of cocoa and homemade chocolate. As a trained yoga teacher, I see in yoga, as in life itself, a never-ending journey of healing and self-exploration. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to learn many ways and methods of self-awareness. As an everlasting student, it gives me great pleasure to create together spaces of mindfulness and connectedness, to share my knowledge and to accompany other people on their journey through life.

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nein danke!