Bloom from Within – Tantra workshop / 04.09. – 06.09.2020

A tantric weekend for women.

Bloom from Within

A Tantric Weekend for Women with Raaji

Community Sulzbrunn Allgäu – 04.09. till 06.09.2020

Tantra is the path of love, the path of surrender and of acceptance, it is a deep relaxation into the heart. Tantra starts with ourselves, it allows us to find a new relationship with boundaries and sows real respect and love for ourselves.

This weekend is an invitation to you to create a nourishing, healing and safe space together in the group.

A space in which we can relax, experience, communicate and support each other in our being as well as our feminine qualities.

The tantric path opens up new possibilities for us to live our sensuality as well as sexuality and to let energies flow in a natural way. A deep, sensual wisdom lives in our bodies, an untamed intelligence that enriches us, keeps us healthy and alive – and lets us bloom from within.

The more we rest in our bodies with its rhythms and connect with the rhythm of Mother Earth, the more we gain access to the present moment and our inner mysteries. An inner space full of strength, truth and intuition in which we can draw and live from our female potential.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

It is an invitation to free ourselves from family and collective, female conditioning and to remember our gentle yet powerful essence.

When we learn to listen to our very own, wise voice, to respect our needs and limits and to be touched in the heart, a deep relaxation and openness can arise inside, which we all longing for in one way or another.

Movement and dance, tantric bodywork and meditation, rituals and prayer, voice and expression, mindfulness exercises and the mutual exchange of experiences, support you to go into deep contact with yourself as well as life itself, and to celebrate your femininity.

In a world that functions mainly according to masculine principles it is important for us woman to get in contact and awaken and nourish our feminine side, our bodies and the sensual flow of energy within us. The feminine principals are love, embodiment, sensation, rooting, receptivity, intuition and a deep untamed wisdom within the body, especially the womb.Raaji

Tantra for women opens a safe space in which we can rediscover and reconnect to those principles in us and be deeply nourished and healed by them. The feminine is vulnerable, tender and soft and also wild and raw, it empowers our sexuality, awakens creativity and roots us into our body, into mother earth, into this life. It allows us to find a new relationship with boundaries and seeds real respect and love for ourselves.

Deep deconditioning of our mind, heart and our feminine organs unleashes the original energetic design and purpose of the feminine essence. This is often experienced as a remembering of forgotten secrets, a profound alignment and a coming home. A circle of women supporting each other and exploring tantric exercises together, meditations and movement, as well as healing rituals, creates a space with the quality of a sacred temple in which profound transformation can arise. This space is not so much about processing our wounds, analysing ourselves, solving problems or trying to get rid of something; it is entering a mysterious and mystic realm where all is welcome and felt and expressed through our body, allowing it to guide us into the essence we are.

Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

What to expect

  • Mindful meetings and exchange in the group – together we create a healing space among women, – just simply indescribably female
  • Tantric exercises deepen your sensuality, stimulate your erotic energy flow and invite deep intimacy with yourself
  • Activation and connection of your love organs and awakening of your inner, female wisdom
  • Healing initiation ritual for body and soul
  • Appreciation of your femininity and loving connection to your body
  • Connection with the gentle, sensitive as well as with the strong and wild woman in you
  • Healing work with your female ancestors – for you and the collective of women
  • A lot of information about the feminine aspect of our being
  • Movement- and sound meditation with your crystalline liquid body
  • Sharings – The way to explore and express yourself with your own words as well as to communicate and listen in full presence
  • Sing, sound and hum
  • 2 days in a nourishing and reinforcing circle of women
  • A loving and protective space with a max. of 24 participants
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – all vegetarian (vegan optional), organic and/or local (most of the food is grown within the community Sulzbrunn)
  • Fresh and healthy spring water from one of the oldest iodine medicinal springs in Europe
  • Nice and cosy shared accommodations
  • A heart-warming energy within a conscious community surrounded by beautiful nature
Please be aware that this group will be facilitated in German. There will be no translations. The booking form will be in German as well.

Community Sulzbrunn

Community Sulzbrunn is a conscious community with a colourful mix of about 35 people from all ages. They all following a common goal, developing as well as exploring sustainable life models in which people can discover and develop their full potential and actual purpose. Models of life in which they are careful and aware – with themselves and their environment.

Their vision is to be aware and respectful to themselves, other people, animals and plants. They are seeing the good in the other and support and encourage each other. Sharing the awareness that everything is interconnected and that there is a spiritual reality greater than our personal one. Friendship, joy of life, personal growth, overcoming crises and creativity is their expression of a successful community life.

It is a research project in which knowledge and experience will be gathered, tested and passed on. They are working on self-sufficiency in areas such as community-based organic agriculture and permaculture, herbal biotopes, workshops for wood, metal, art and other fields. They already established several gardens, growing and harvesting almost all year long thanks to the two huge heated greenhouses.

In the economical field, they seek a system where the individual serves not only himself but the common good. Building a sustainable, ecological and resource-efficient way of life and cooperate with similarly motivated projects in the region is another big part of their vision. They participating in regional solutions for energy, electricity, water, ecological construction and ecologically sustainable solutions for transport. Besides to the ecological expansion of existing houses, they thrive towards an implementation of more innovative forms of living such as Earthships.

The property of the community covers an area of ​​15.5 hectares, half of which consists of forest and meadows. Next to it are – like a small village – seven buildings with a usable area of ​​around 5,000 square meters. On top of that is it connected to one of the oldest iodine medicinal springs in Europe, which is providing the community with fresh, healthy, and mineral rich spring water.

We will be accommodated in nice, bright and cosy rooms with different themes. Each room will be shared with 1 to 3 people.  Please contact us for further details.

Raaji is a trained bodyworker, therapist specialized in trauma by Dr. Peter Levine and also a Reiki master. Since 1990  she is working with people. Over the years, she was continuously trained in various therapeutic areas and healing methods, participated in trainings and assisted in them.

She is also a trained teacher in contemporary dance and is leading trance dance groups. In the Amazon, she studied with curanderos (shaman / healer) and learns from the grandmothers and grandfathers of South America their shamanic knowledge and their earth connected lifestyle. She studied at the art and music school in Zürich writes her own songs and is an enthusiastic singer. All these different elements of healing, therapy, art, movement and expression are woven into the various workshops she offers.

Her passion for the healing of the relationship between man and woman, of sexuality and intimacy flow into the Tantra groups she is leading with her partner Karam for over 10 years. In addition to that, she also offers workshops especially for women. 7 month a year she works and lives in Pachamama, a spiritual and ecological community in Costa Rica.

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