Vocal Odyssey Workshops & Retreats 2022

Meeting the Spirit of your Voice with Nessi Gomes

Vocal Odyssey Workshops & Retreats

with Nessi Gomes

What is a Vocal Odyssey

It is the meeting of our intimate, wild and free selves through...

...Voice, Movement & Silence

Vocal Odyssey is a deep yet playful self-inquiry journey of discovery into the mystery and healing forces of our most intimate musical instrument – our voice.

The week long process aims to pierce through the voices in our heads and to open a door for a new relationship between us and the transformative quality of our vocal expression. To bring us a bit closer to our beautiful, raw, wild and imperfect human flow.

The voice is our bridge to something bigger than ourselves, it is our connection to the prayer we carry. In this group we will reconnect to the simple and natural way of expressing our authentic voice beyond judgments, painful beliefs and limiting conditionings.

“The Vocal Odyssey is not about making anyone a better ‘singer’. Rather, it is about self exploration and self love through a meeting with the spirit of our vocal expression. It is not about what you can do for your voice, on the contrary, it is about what your voice can do for you”<span class="su-quote-cite">Nessi Gomes</span>

It is about unleashing our raw, natural capacity to celebrate all colours of life through our unique and authentic expression, while tapping into the intuitive and mystical realms of our connection to the present moment through sound. We will explore all angles of our voice using various tools, while piercing and bringing awareness to all that blocks us from letting our voice simply be. We will discover how singing is not only about ‘singing’ – it is in fact about ‘listening’ and expressing effortlessly all that is inside of us, moment to moment.

What happens ?

The Vocal Odyssey journey creates a safe, loving and non-judgemental contained space, which will enable you to dive deep to build a close relationship with your voice. During the retreat we will prepare the body and voice daily with gentle warm-ups and stretches to help support, open and strengthen our voices. This will help prepare the foundations so that we are able to unearth our true vocal potential and tap into the unique spirit of our voices.

There will be times to reflect and keep a journal, allowing you to deepen your process and take your next step in understanding the resistances and releases in connecting to your voice. Whether from our primary upbringing, education or our wider society, we have all been conditioned to have beliefs and imprints that limit our creativity and expression. The simple truth is that singing and connecting to our creative expression is our birthright and it is time to reclaim it. We often associate singing with performance, and this can trigger a lot of fear. Rest assured this is not the essence of Vocal Odyssey.

The Vocal Odyssey process, embarked on with a focused intention and sincere longing for liberation, is a wonderful opportunity to have a significant and lasting breakthrough shift in your creative expression.

The deep, loving and fun process supports you to express your naked voice and to bear witness to the transformative potential that this vocal power holds. We can all access this wisdom both via our individual naked voice and collectively as a singing field.

The aim of this group is not to become a ‘perfect’ singer – it is about unleashing our raw, natural capacity to celebrate all colours of life through our unique and authentic expression, while tapping into the intuitive and mystical realms of our connection to ‘God’ through sound.

The human singing voice is our most powerful and intimate resource. The Vocal Odyssey retreat is a deep journey that unleashes and frees the untapped sonic power of our voice from the hidden corners that have kept it quiet, silent and buried. It is a space of self-enquiry through our voice and where we will reconnect to the simple, playful and natural way of expressing our authentic naked sound beyond judgments, painful beliefs and limiting conditionings.

"Using my voice has helped me on so many levels, nourishing my spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. For 20 years, working with my voice has revealed so much about who I am. It has particularly helped me to connect to the more difficult emotions and give them a channel, allowing this energy to shift and transform. Sound can act as a bridge so that we are able to connect to the joy of our unique expression and to unleash it in its complete beauty safely."
- Nessi Gomes

Is it for me ?

No previous experience is required for this retreat and all are welcome. It is not limited to those that consider themselves ‘musicians’, ’singers’ or ‘creative’ people. This retreat is perfect for those who wish to go deeper with their voices on all levels. We all need a closer relationship with our natural expression and sometimes it can get crowded out by the chaos and distractions of our everyday lives. This retreat will incorporate other elements such as meditation and movement into the daily schedule in order to facilitate this process. It is a journey in which we will all travel through different realms of sound together, and is perfect for those that wish to release blockages and create more intimacy and lightness in their lives. We will discover how singing is not about ‘singing’ – it is in fact about ‘listening’ and expressing effortlessly all that is inside of us, moment to moment.

“Nessi Gomes is not going to transform you into a pop star. In fact, instead of telling people how to sing she helps them to tap into the essence of self through voice, allowing participants to let go of stuff that is buried in their basement – trauma, pain or anger they never managed to release elsewhere.”

What to expect ?

  • Using your voice that supports expression, creativity, connection, communication and release.
  • Tools and exercises that help to soften the ego state and liberate the voice.
  • Daily meditations that can help to overcome and facilitate moving through fear, self-consciousness and resistance.
  • An invitation to transform how you interact with the world, both internally and externally, through your voice.
  • Initiating a ‘conversation’ with your whole being through the voice.
  • Creating a bridge between you and your voice which promotes intimacy.The opportunity to courageously welcome and express all the different colours of your voice, including the light as well as the dark and vulnerable aspects of yourself, and have them held in love and compassion.
  • Using your voice beyond words that enables deeply personal information to be communicated without ‘risk’A unique and direct experience of your true essence and authentic sound.
  • Self-enquiry through voice.
  • Accessing the power of your voice as a vehicle for awakening and shifting consciousness.
  • Learning how to use vibrational medicine to turn sound energy into light.
  • To access and strengthen the inner listener and witness.
  • To connect to the wisdom of your voice.
  • To awaken trust, compassion and peace of mind.
  • To feel connection to yourself and to others through the voice.


Join Nessi on the beautiful Island of Amorgos
(The Cyclades Islands, GREECE)

Voicing Your True Nature At The Big Blue

A ten day long Vocal Odyssey Intensive
25th of October - 4th of November

  • 19th - 20th of March / ONLINE VOCAL ODYSSEY WORKSHOP

Nessi Gomes was born on the tiny island of Guernsey (UK), singing and music became Nessi’s way of dealing with challenging life circumstances. From a young age she discovered the ability to transform discomforts and unspoken emotions by exploring sound, and has continued to root herself more and more in the therapeutic value of sonic expression.

In the past 4 years Nessi has shared her music and voice retreats in 25 countries. In October 2016 she released her debut album ‘Diamonds & Demons’ and received Best of British Unsigned female artist for that year.

Nessi is a musician with a BA in Creative Expressive Therapies in Music (Derby University, UK, 2008). She also has a Diploma with the British Academy of Sound Therapy in Group Voice Therapy – Chichester, UK, 2015.

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