Awakening Spring Gathering / 23. – 26.03.2023


Awakening Spring Gathering

An authentic and conscious journey into loving connection

Do. 23. – So. 26.03. / Community Sulzbrunn Allgäu

Eintauchen in Gemeinschaft

Come and join us out of hibernation and let us awaken the energy of spring together.

Your time for dance, ecstasy and connection. Time to nourish yourself in loving community, shake off the old and welcome the new.


On this long weekend we invite you to show yourself, with all that is alive in you and to start exploring curiously and playfully with each other.

We will dance and sing a lot, sit around the bonfire, relax in the sauna, connect our hearts with each other, go playfully into contact, meet each other authentically, feel ourselves in our fullness and celebrate this miracle of life, in all its facets.

Let yourself be taken on ecstatic journeys by grandiose highlights like the KULAM Project (ED Worldwide) on Saturday evening – with an Embodiment Workshop followed by an Ecstatic Dance Live Set.

You can also expect a magical concert by YUNEA and many other well-known Ecstatic Dance Dj’s*DJanes & Performers like KOSMA (ED St. Gallen) with another Ecstatic Dance Live Set, Heyoka Pulsaris (ED Munich), Djane AHUREIA, Miss ShantiPanthi and so much more.

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.RUMI

If you like, get fully involved – with mindfulness, curiosity and an open heart “and maybe a little heart heart-throbbing” – to play and get to know yourself again and again. Here your own limits may flow and you may surprise yourself again and again.

And: You don’t have to do anything at all. Feel free to be all to yourself – withdraw or relax in our chillout zone.

Feel free to be joyful and radiant or sad and foggy, feel safe or insecure, brave-open or fearful-closed, connected or lost, laugh or cry, be strong and vulnerable, wild and gentle, bound, free, peaceful, angry, powerful, moved, quiet and loud,……WHATEVER……YOU MAY BE EXACTLY AS YOU ARE……EVERYTHING IS HEARTFULLY INVITED AND WELCOME.

Each and every one of us is such a beautiful, unique work of art. With all its colors, stains and cracks, different frames and landscapes. Let’s explore, admire and celebrate together this magnificent image, your personal expression – for what it is – pure life and creativity.

Jeder Einzelne von uns ist so ein wunderschönes, einzigartiges Kunstwerk. Mit all seinen Farben, Flecken und Rissen, unterschiedlichen Rahmen und Landschaften. Lass uns gemeinsam genau dieses prächtige Bild, Deinen persönlichen Ausdruck, erkunden, bewundern und feiern – als das, was es ist – pures Leben und Schöpferkraft.

Do you to join us on this journey?

To celebrate spring, you, us and the miracle of life, in all its colors?


What to expect

  • Ecstatic Dances & Live Music
  • Singing & Family Cirlces
  • Conscious Relating
  • Various Workshops & Movement Sessions
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Open Stage (bring your instruments) & spontaneous Jam Sessions
  • Sauna & Bonfire
    …and plenty of time to let go, feeling yourself and connect.

In the current preliminary schedule, one or the other may still change.

Confirmed artists & space holders

KULAM PROJECT (live ED & Workshop)

Into the Here and Now

The Kulam project is a World traveling live music and dance experience, Created by Live one-time orchestra. Free-flowing, completely improvised, live dance music journey full of passion, invention, creativity, drama, and most of all, grooves that are impossible to ignore.

Kulam means “everyone” in Hebrew – We indeed involve everyone in the creative process. Without a rigid structure or sheet music to guide the players, they are completely naked and exposed before the audience, inviting the listener and the player alike into a space of total trust. The audience, have a space to forget about their fears, limitations, preconceived notions, and surrender to the flow of music, like the musicians before their eyes do.

Witness the birth of human expression with your own eyes and ears, and let your body Be.

A Kulam event is a drug-free high; it’s a therapy session; it’s a meditation circle; it is an opportunity to connect to the most basic flow of life, to look deep into the root, and float in the swift current of just being, right here, right now. We collaborate with local talent and Producers wherever We go. No single Event is the same; not only is the music different, but also the musical languages and content are different; we aim to tap into the roots of the land where we are engaging – and expose and support local talent to our ideas while also learning from them..

Kulam project was born on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand in January 2019; it grew faster than anyone expected, and in a few months the full houses were getting out of hand. So far We have played (80) Events, with more than 250 musicians in many different countries and took thousands of people on an unforgettable trip.

*KOSMA – live Ecstatic Dance set
*DJ Pulsaris – Ecstatic Dance and Singing Cirlce
*Miss ShantiPanthi – Ecstatic Dance
*AHUREIA – Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ritual
*YUNEA – Concert
*OMARIS – Musical Alchemist
…and plenty of time to let go, feel yourself and connect.

DANCING – When life flows in form of sound and music throuh your body and is getting expressed by motion. A unique symbiosis of joy, pleasure and love. What a wonderful world.unknown

Price & Details

Ticket for the Gathering € 319,-

Early Bird Options

  • First 20 Ticktes  € 229,- 
  • Ticket 21 – 50,  € 269,-
  • all further Tickets  319,-

-without board & lodging-

Payment Options

  • Advance payment of the total amount in cash, at Ecstatic Dance Allgäu – incl. 2 free tickets for ED Allgäu
  • Binding deposit € 100,- via bank transfer or chas at the dance. Remaining amount in cash on site. – incl. 1 free ticket for the ED Allgäu
  • Total amount via bank transfer.
  • *If you absolutely want to be there, but it is not financially possible for you, please contact us! Let us find a solution. Installment payments are possible.

You will receive these and other details after registration.

Please contact us, if you have any further question (E-mail or Contactform)

Redfund- & Cancellation Agreement

  • Binding deposit to secure your place: € 100,- (not refundable)
  • Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the event 50% of the ticket price will be retained
  • Cancellation up to 6 weeks before the event 75% of the ticket price will be retained
  • Cancellation up to 2 weeks before the event 100% of the ticket price will be retained
  • In case of cancellation, you are welcome to pass on the ticket and suggest someone else to take your place
  • However, if the event does not take place, all amounts already paid for the ticket will be refunded. All further claims are excluded!

Board & Lodging

Please book these directly with the Sulzbrunn community.

You have the choice between a simple sleeping lair (please bring your own pad, sleeping bag etc.) or one of the unique and lovingly furnished rooms. However, we only have a very small number of rooms available. The house provides bed linen and towels for € 8,-.

 You will receive the booking link after registration!

BE AWARE! – Number of beds: 43 – Spaces in the sleeping lair: approx. 30

The following options are available:

  • Full borad* & day pass/bus/camper – € 171,-
  • *in sleeping lair € 180,- (please bring your own pad, sleeping bag, pillow etc.)
  • *in a dormitory € 210,-
  • *double room € 246,-

If you don’t stay overnight in Sulzbrunn, you have to pay at least the meals and the day pass.

Please contact us, if you need support. (E-mail or Contactform)

The community prepares delicious vegan/vegetarian meals from organic and regional food. Some of the ingredients come from our own garden. Full board (consisting of breakfast buffet, lunch dish with salad and dessert, dinner and all day drink counter with water, tea & coffee only at Breakfast & Lunch). The board includes all meals starting with dinner on Thursday until lunch on Sunday.

Further important information about the venue

The seminar house Sulzbrunn is a shoe-free zone. Please take off your shoes at the entrance and leave them there. Feel free to bring your own slippers or thick socks.

There is a smoking area in front of the main building. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms or in the whole building.

Feel free to bring:
  • Pad, iso-mat and sleeping bag if you are staying in the dormitory.
  • Bed linen and towels if necessary
  • Water bottle with tightly closing cap(s). (No glass if possible)
  • Warm thick socks or slippers
  • Sauna towel
  • An extra feel-good blanket
  • Appropriate clothing for indoors and outdoors
  • Enough comfortable change of clothes
  • Notepad and pen for your thoughts & experiences
  • Yoga Mat

Gemeinschaft Sulzbrunn

Die Gemeinschaft Sulzbrunn ist eine bewusste Lebensgemeinschaft mit einer bunten Mischung von ca. 35 Personen jeden Alters. Sie alle verfolgen ein gemeinsames Ziel, indem sie nachhaltige Lebensmodelle entwickeln und erforschen. Dabei sollen Menschen ihr volles Potenzial und ihren tatsächlichen Zweck entdecken und entwickeln können. Dies sind Lebensmodelle, in denen sie achtsam und bewusst mit sich selbst und ihrer Umwelt umgehen.

Ihre Vision ist es, mit sich selbst, sowie gegenüber anderen Menschen, Tieren und Pflanzen bewusst und respektvoll zu sein. Sie sehen das Gute im anderen und unterstützen und ermutigen sich gegenseitig. Sie teilen das Bewusstsein, dass alles miteinander verbunden ist und dass es eine spirituelle Realität gibt, die größer ist als unsere persönliche. Freundschaft, Lebensfreude, persönliches Wachstum, Überwindung von Krisen und Kreativität sind Ausdruck ihres erfolgreichen Gemeinschaftslebens.

Sulzbrunn ist ebenso ein Forschungsprojekt, in dem Wissen und Erfahrung gesammelt, getestet und weitergegeben werden kann. Sie arbeiten an der Selbstversorgung in Bereichen wie ökologische Landwirtschaft, Permakultur auf Gemeindeebene sowie Kräuterbiotopen, Werkstätten für Holz, Metall, Kunst und andere Bereiche. Die Gemeinschaft hat bereits mehrere Gärten angelegt, die fast das ganze Jahr über, dank der zwei riesigen beheizten Gewächshäuser, wachsen und reichhaltige Ernten einbringen.

Im wirtschaftlichen Sektor suchen sie nach Systemen, in dem das Individuum nicht nur sich selbst, sondern dem Gemeinwohl dient. Der Aufbau einer nachhaltigen, ökologischen und ressourceneffizienten Lebensweise und die Zusammenarbeit mit ähnlich motivierten Projekten in der Region, ist ein weiterer wichtiger Teil ihrer Vision. Sie beteiligen sich an regionalen Lösungen für Energie, Strom, Wasser, ökologisches Bauen und ökologisch nachhaltige Transportlösungen. Neben der ökologischen Erweiterung bestehender Häuser, wird hier auch an der Umsetzung innovativerer Lebensformen, wie Earthships, gearbeitet.

Das Grundstück der Gemeinde umfasst eine Fläche von ca. 15,5 Hektar, von denen die Hälfte aus Wald und Wiesen besteht. Daneben werden – wie ein kleines Dorf – sieben Gebäude mit einer Nutzfläche von rund 5.000 Quadratmetern genutzt. Darüber hinaus ist Sulzbrunn mit einer der ältesten Jod-Heilquellen Europas verbunden. Diese versorgt die Gemeinde mit frischem, gesundem und mineralhaltigem Quellwasser.

Bleib immer auf dem Laufenden zu aktuellen Workshops, Retreats und dem Ecstatic Dance.
ja, bitte halte mich auf dem laufenden
nein danke!